Affordable Solar Solutions

Our company is committed to helping our customers lower their high energy bills, and increase home comfort


Affordable Solar Solutions is based in the San Antonio area, and we know how challenging our hot summers can be.  Windows facing west, rooms that just can't be cooled, and energy bills that won't quit.  We live here, too, and we have solutions.  Solar screens that are cost efficient to install stop the heat
before it ever enters your windows.  Solar powered attic fans can reduce the temperature in your attic (which can reach 140 degrees - or more!) to slightly above the outside temperature.  This keeps your roof cool, your ceiling cooler, and perhaps most important, the duct work into your home cooler.    Energy efficient windows are another solution we sell, and our windows won't break the bank like some manufacturers' will.  We are here to save you money and we offer free, in home consultations to evaluate your particular issues, and present a customized option, helping you decide the best solutions for you and your family.  Best of all, our name says what we will deliver - solutions that are affordable!

About Us

Affordable Solar Screens is a San Antonio based company.  We take pride in our work and our ability to provide energy-saving options for our customers.  Our team has been installing solar screens and related products for over three years in Bexar County and the Hill Country.  We regularly attend workshops and seminars to keep up to date with the latest in energy saving products and technology.  Our best referrals come from satisfied customers, and we look forward to providing you a free, in home consultation to determine the best energy and money saving solutions for you.  Call TODAY!  210.497.1610